Social Skills for Business: Apologizing

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Being the customer does not insure against unfair treatment!

Not long ago I was unpleasantly reminded of what it’s like to be the one requiring a heartfelt apology. Such a simple thing wouldn’t even be worth mentioning, much less writing about, would it?? Well, it turned out that instead of an apology, I got a self-justifying, self-righteous and thoroughly detailed treatise on how this had happened. This pushed painfully on one of my „cultural sensitivity” buttons, reminding me of countless, similar experiences.

An explanation is not an apology!! Potential customers and business partners do have a sense of right and wrong and will not be interested in explanatory details when you have neglected their interests or something unfortunate has happened that you could have avoided. The best way to move on to better business is apologizing. „I’m really sorry about this.” „Gee, I wish I had thought about that earlier!” „We would like to apologize for what has happened.” „It’s our fault. Will you accept our apologies? Could we make you a new offer?”

No amount of explanations, facts and figures can ever substitute for a simple, old-fashioned apology. It clears the air like nothing else! And business thrives in that kind of air.

Jenny Sandhaas ist Coach, Unternehmensberaterin und Inhaberin von „Transatlantic- Link“ in Adelebsen.