Business English:Communicating Across Cultures

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Ein Beitrag von Jenny Sandhaas. Sie ist Coach, Unternehmensberaterin und Inhaberin von „Transatlantic-Link“ in Adelebsen.

When was the last time you called a business partner just to say „hello”? Keeping in touch ought to be easy these days considering the omnipotence of mobile technology. Nonetheless, permanent availability does NOT automatically create the wish to touch bases from time to time – something English-speakers expect and Germans often don‘t seem to understand … Sure you‘re busy … everyone else is busy too. The days don‘t seem to have enough hours for all the stuff you have to do.

The idea of just calling up like that – without any specific Very Important Reason – becomes inefficient, if not downright ridiculous. This kind of „schnick-schnack” is one of the first things Germans drop off their „to do“ lists. Meanwhile, lacking the stamina of their Germanic counterparts, English-speaking customers may begin to feel out of touch and by the time you get around to calling them, may have forgotten exactly who you are! For English speakers, customer relationships cannot

be managed or improved without communicating „small” things and small-talking regularly.

For that matter, it‘s also a good idea to keep information flowing regularly if you happen to have a supervisor/dept. head from the US – undoubtably a wise investment of your precious time. Not keeping them up on what‘s happening on the job could be interpreted as disinterest or secretism. Remember – even the Lone Ranger had Tonto to talk to!