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Business Meetings (Part I)

An important platform for improving business and work are the meetings, a forum for information and discussions.

In order to get the best results from the meetings they are normally held in a certain order: After an address of welcome, the participants start by naming a person to act as the chair. He will have the difficult role of organizing the meeting and might do this as follows:

First he checks whether all the members invited are there. He may also make a names protocol and ask the people how they want to be called. On the one hand, he may give some general information about the topics and the aims of the meeting and on the other hand, he will motivate and encourage the participants to contribute their part to the meeting with their ideas. In a following step, the agenda can be reviewed and, if necessary, be adjusted or completed. And last but not least he will start the presentation of the different items of the agenda and call the respective speakers.

Finally a discussion may follow in order to find out the opinions of the participants about the topics in question so that expected results can be achieved or problems be solved. A final résumé may finish the meeting, which hopefully is considered as successful by all the participants.

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